Fresh Prep Pgh is a meal delivery service in the Metro Pittsburgh area. We’re serving up healthy pre made meals that are good for you, affordable, and taste great. Cooking healthy, homemade meals can be time consuming. We make eating healthy effortless by planning, shopping, cooking, and delivering all your meals at your convenience. Fresh ingredients, creativity in the kitchen, and listening to what our customers want, makes for a menu that is constantly evolving.



Step 1:  Consult with one of our reps to determine your goals

  • Weight loss
  • Weight gain
  • Healthy lifestyle                               
  • Competition

Step 2:  Discuss available packages:

  • 1 meal per day + salad + smoothie
  • 2 meals per day + salad + smoothie
  • 3 meals per day + salad + smoothie
  • Option of ordering meals à la

Step 3:  Schedule delivery

  • TWICE a week (House, Job, Gym)
  • Meals for Mon, Tues, Weds are dropped off on Sunday evening or Monday.
  • Meals for Thurs, Fri are dropped of on Wednesday evening or Thursday.



Fresh Prep Pgh has more than pre-made meals. We would love to provide you with a fresh and healthy choice for your next party or event! It’s a perfect option for corporate events, private parties, or local gyms, to show customer appreciation. You could also invite us to your next event or workout and we will give out samples and explain the benefits of Fresh Prep Pgh. We’d really love to meet you and introduce ourselves to your members and employees


Portion Size: A standard entree feeds 1 person
and includes 6 oz of protein, 5 oz side, and 4 oz
of grain.

Storage & Freshness: When refrigerated, meals
will keep up to 5 days, we recommend no more
than 3.

If you do not consume meals within 4 days, they can be frozen.



We deliver everywhere in the metro Pittsburgh area; home, work, or even to the gym!

If you would like to become a drop off location, please contact us for more information We’d love to add you to our partnership!


  1. Local Pittsburgh-based company
  2. Highest quality ingredients in products
  3. Vegetables are picked seasonally
  4. Constantly changing menu, so you’ll never get bored with the same items
  5. Meals are always delivered fresh, never frozen

Try it for yourself, place an order today!